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I would like to introduce you to my book, “While You Do Your Business: A Bathroom Reader that Makes you Laugh in all the Right Places. My book is not a coffee table book, it is a bathroom book, designed to be read in the bathroom … While You Do Your BusinessHowever, you may also enjoy reading it on an airplane, in the park, during your break at work or before you go to bed at night.  In the book, I tell humorous and motivational stories that will help you laugh in all the right places, featuring true stories from my real life experiences.  From hilarious family tales, to my meeting President Nixon, to being mistaken for an assassin by Jerry Falwell’s bodyguard, you’ll read all about my travels and see how humor popped up everywhere.  Also included are my hilarious “complaint letters” and my experiences hosting a foreign exchange student. My goal is that you will go through my book with a smile on your face, laughing yourself silly day in and day out. Best of all, you can accomplish all of this While You Do Your Business !

                                                                 -- Gordon Wayman



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