Photo of Gordon Wayman speaking to the Chamber of Commerce

Business Development Services

I am available for the following services

  • New Business Start Up Service
  • Business Logo Design Service
  • Creative Ideas for Business Development
  • Marketing Plan Consulting
  • Web Site Design
  • Creating a Social Media Presence
  • Writing Promotional and Advertising Copy
  • Creating Business Documents
  • Training Staff on Computer Basics

Ten Principles of Management

By Gordon Wayman

Through my years in management, I have tried to follow these ten principles.

  1. Your number one job is to keep employees happy.
  2. Lead by example.
  3. Always maintain a positive attitude.
  4. Don't get anxious.
  5. Follow the chain of command
  6. Maintain confidentiality - do not gossip.
  7. Always make those above you in the chain of command look good - and you will look good.
  8. Understand that most problems are related to communication - always strive to improve your communication skills.
  9. Maintain good work habits.
  10. Always be honest.